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How to stay positive in tough work environment

How to stay positive in tough work environment

How to stay positive in tough work environment by Mr. Binoy Haridasan | 08th September 2016

A seminar on “How to stay positive in tough work environment” was conducted on 08th  September 2016 at Oriental Institute of Management Vashi. Mr. Binoy Haridasan (Director – HR) at Infinix Services Pvt Ltd was the guest speaker for the session. Mr. Binoy Haridasan spoke about how to perform and tackle problems in working environment. Some of the major habbits to overcome with the new environment are as:

  • Controlling your Internal response (Stay Calm, Accept the situation, Remind yourself of things you’re good at)
  • Reacting Externally in a Positive Way (Avoid a negative reaction, Avoid engaging in the conflict, Speak Slowly, Stay humble and transparent, Admit your part, Remove yourself from the situation, Maintain a professional demeanor)
  • Keeping a Positive Attitude (Perform positive self-talk, Apply past solutions, Look for a silver lining, Think about happy things, Banish negative thoughts, Get positive advice, Stay away from gossip, Perform tasks that are a result of conflict resolution).

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